Finding The Perfect Fitting Pants



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So when we’re talking pants here we are not talking about your underpants (panties or knickers, whatever you call them).  We are referring to the best style of trousers for your body shape!

Pants can be challenging for many women to find.
Finding the perfect pair of trousers is like finding a needle in a haystack,
So let's get some perspective and a tape measure. 

How To Measure

We are all essentially the same: a waist, belly, hips, thighs and legs. The easiest way to measure for slacks is to put on a pair of your favorite slacks, then measure the following: 

Rise: the seam of the crotch to the waistband. The rise is too high if it goes up beyond your natural waistline and pulls out or away. Even high waist pants should not pull away from your body. 

Waist or waistband: where you want the pants to sit. 
Hips: measure the widest part.
Inseam: is of the least concern because hemming is the easiest of alterations. 

Keep in mind that if you don't like your pants to bind around the thighs, don't necessarily go up a size, look for a style where the pant legs are cut looser at the thigh. 

If you put on 2 different styles of trousers in the same brand, one a slim leg and one a straight leg, the slim leg will feel smaller than the straight leg The reason being that patterns are cut for the leg starting at the thigh line down. 


Pockets are the focal point of your backside, so remember where there is detail your eyes will automatically go, so think carefully about what is on the pockets and where the pockets land.


How To Fit Pants For Your Body Type



Rectangular Body Types

If you’re rectangular look for some pants that have interesting pockets for both the front and back or an interesting waistband. Also a leg that has a curve such as a boot cut or bell-bottoms will give the appearance of curves.

Bottom Heavy Body Types

Pear shape of bottom heavy women will want to offset their hips by wearing straight legged of slightly flared slacks. The composition of a straight or flair or leg will give the appearance of a smaller derrière. 

There should be little to no details on the hips. Wear a simple waistband and consider having no pockets.

Top-heavy Body Types

Apple shape or top-heavy women should look for flared or wider leg trousers to give the appearance of symmetry of their top and bottom half. Details on the hips of the slacks are good unless you have a bit of a tummy.

Curvy Body Types

Hour glass or curvy women should consider clean simple lines.  Look for ones that fit just below the natural waistline for a better fit. Most women in this category have a very difficult time finding slacks that fit because of their waist to hip ratio.


Fashion Tips


 It is difficult to gage, but usually slacks with 3% or more Elastane, Lycra and Spandex will stretch out in about 1 hour of wear. They can stretch up to full size larger. These fibers can make clothing more comfortable and less restricting but they can also make it challenging to choose the right size.

When trying on pants with stretch in them, choose ones that are snug versus to just right. You may have some whiskers, but they should go away after about an hour of wear.


What is Whiskering?

 Whiskering refers to the wrinkles created by fabric pulling around the crotch point, hip and thigh area. 

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Whiskering Occurs With:

·         Incorrect Fit: Fabric pulls across a body part when the fit is too tight. Or when the rise is too long or too short. Or when the cut is too straight. Or when the pocket linings get in the way. 

·         Overly Stretchy Fabric: Woven fabric with too much stretch is prone to whiskering, despite the fit. There is something about the way stretchy fabric drapes and clings that causes it to pull in an area that doesn’t look or feel too tight at all.