Dressing for 40+

If you are a woman over 40 you need to know that you can be just as fashionable as your younger counter parts. One of the most challenging fashion aspects for women over 40 is how to dress for our changing bodies.

Our bodies are in transition, and so as your body is changing so must your clothes. The key to dealing with the changes and being your best is to refresh your look. Don’t hang on to what worked before; undergo a style evolution.

When shopping for clothes there are three things to always remember:

  • Your Body Type
  • Your Age
  • Your Lifestyle

Stay Away From the Junior Section  

Just because you can fit in junior sizes doesn’t mean you should wear them. Dressing younger than your age can often times make you look even older! The junior department clothes are made for young girls and the quality of the clothes can be poor. Invest in age appropriate quality clothes.

Watch the Length of your Dress

A couple of inches above the knee is as short as you should ideally go.

Say Good-bye to Baggy Clothes

Our bodies are changing and sometimes we want to cover up and wear baggy clothes. Baggy clothes are not flattering and can make you look bigger.

Keep Trendy Clothes to a Minimum

Don’t go overboard on trendy pieces. Indulge in a piece or two, and make sure that you’ll use them so that you won’t regret your purchase. Remember not every trend works for every person.

Make Friends With a Tailor    

It is rare that clothes right off the rack will fit you perfectly in every place. A simple solution to fit problems is to take your clothes to a tailor.

Don’t Get Hung Up on Size

Size doesn’t matter. Don’t buy things too small because you are going to “slim down”, and don’t buy things too big to conceal parts of your body you are uncomfortable with. When you are buying new clothes, try on a variety of sizes in your range and determine the best size for your body. Don’t wear what doesn’t fit!

Mix Comfort and Style

You do not have to sacrifice comfort for fashion and style. Comfort without style looks messy, and style without comfort looks and feels uncomfortable.


Accessories add vibrancy into any wardrobe. They provide a pop of color or texture to an outfit. Accessories can help transition a look from classic workday wear to a stylish one for an evening out on the town.

Invest in Classic Pieces

I am a huge believer in investing in classic pieces. They are called classic because they never go out of style. When buying your classic pieces spend the money necessary to buy pieces that will last for years. Remember that timeless pieces never look dated.

Don’t Buy Things Just Because They Are On Sale

Just because it is on sale doesn’t mean it’s worth buying. A sale should not be the reason to buy something, but rather it should be because you need it in your closet and it looks good on you.

Lock and Load

An absolute essential for every woman is routine bra fittings by a professional. You should go every 6 months because even the smallest weight fluctuations can dramatically alter your bra size. Everything needs to be secure and comfortable.

Only Buy Things You Love

Self-explanatory and very important.  If you love it you will wear it. When you wear something you really love that is age appropriate, good quality and fitting correctly for your shape you will feel fabulous!  When you are dressed well you feel confident, and this is exactly Indulge Boutique’s   mission: to empower women through fashion!

Be true to your personal style – whatever your age

Of course it’s not just once we hit our forties that we need to stay true to our personal style, and buy items that flatter us and confidently reflect our inner selves – it’s a wise fashion approach at any age.

Rather than giving up on fashion as you get older, you can instead use the increased self-confidence awareness and wisdom that often comes with each passing year to finally grow into your personal style!