Don't turn a "Cold Shoulder" to this fashion trend.

The shoulder is the only part of a woman's body that doesn't age. They don't make us feel fat. Thin or curvy, tall or short anyone can wear the Cold Shoulder doesn't discriminate.


  Cold Shoulder tops are also called Open or Split shoulder tops. Cold shoulder dresses and tops have a cut out right around the shoulder, and therefore the shoulders are bare, and because they are exposed it is easier to give someone the "literal" cold shoulder!

  Cold Shoulder garments are this year's silhouette. Everyone's shoulders look great. What a beautiful part of the body to show off. This style is a modest route to sexy, it is subtle and versatile. It appeals to women of all ages, and works for both day and night. This Cold Shoulder style has been embraced by women because it is feminine and universally flattering. It appears this style/trend will be around for the next few seasons.


How to Wear The Cold Shoulder

  • Keep the cut clean, A cold shoulder top means a top which is scalloped at the shoulders. Since you have a cut or slit in your top, keep the look classy by keeping the neckline, hemline neat and clean.
  • Keep the bra strap. Luckily the cold shoulder trend lends itself well to your everyday bra styles. Bra friendly...we love that!!!
  • Choose what you love. Pick a style that makes you feel great, from sleeves that almost drape open to the elbow, to small cutouts on the shoulder and collar bones.

The Only Rule: The colder the shoulder, the less cleavage should be shown.

Add some flair to a casual style by pairing a cold shoulder top with jeans or shorts.

Try a printed cold shoulder dress that can be complemented by a pair of strappy sandals for the perfect relaxed laid back summer look.

Wear the Cold Shoulder with a skirt, short or maxi in length. Flared pants and heels also looks great.  Don't forget a fun pair of printed pants or shorts will work well too!

We learned at an early age that it isn't very nice to give "the cold shoulder" to anyone, but fashion trends for Spring 2017 are giving you permission to give the Cold Shoulder to everyone you know!